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Spring 2024

For more information on when the courses are offered, please check the schedule of classes in the course catalog.

Community, Culture, and Citizenship in the USA

UKC 180 (section 001): 10 Ways of Looking at Climate Change in Kentucky

Tuesday 9:30-12:15pm

The climate crisis continues to unfold at a rapid pace, resulting in a range of impacts that are already apparent in Kentucky. In this course, we will examine 10 impacts of climate change locally, and will discuss the potential solutions to each, including adaptation and mitigation practices. Impacts may include, but are not limited to, changes in hydrology, health, housing, agriculture, weather extremes, and the biosphere. Perspectives from researchers, stakeholders and policymakers will be presented, and students will participate in proposing solutions to climate change issues.

UKC 185 (section 001): Misinformation & Society

Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00-9:50am

This course seeks to promote an understanding of misinformation in American society by considering them in the context of communication, information science, and sociology.  Misinformation may come from a lack of information, conflicting information, biased information, or deliberately false information.  Topics may include the role of media, education, and politics in the creation and dissemination of misinformation, as well as the health, crime, and cultural consequences of misinformation.

Arts and Creativity

UKC 100 (section 001) Teamwork and Creativity for Impact on Wellbeing

Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:30pm

This course focuses on a transdisciplinary approach to challenges in wellbeing.  The course provides you with the skills, tools, and mindsets to enable you to discover solutions to society's challenges. The techniques and skills learned during the course apply equally well to the business and social sectors as they do to the education sector.

UKC 105 (section 001) Re-Imagining Creative Spaces Across the Commonwealth

Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:45am

Arts and cultural organizations of varying sizes have the same goal to attract audiences and participants to wide-ranging spaces and locations, often in older cultural facilities or in old buildings adapted for creative purposes. In Kentucky’s small towns, particularly, these organizations provide significant community spaces for sharing, sometimes serving as the only spaces in the community where citizens connect. The rejuvenation of these important creative spaces brings vitality to Kentucky with significant economic, cultural, and social impact.  Through TEK200, we address this critical issue – how arts and cultural organizations provide quality spaces for encountering and understanding others – that remains at the forefront of the healthy and livable communities we all seek to advance Kentucky in the twenty-first century.